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The Science

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There are two patents filed that protect the Real Time Voice Analyzer –The first is for the science of detecting respiratory illness voice biomarkers using neural networks and the second is for the technology that processes and securely delivers screening results.


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the overwhelming challenges developing countries face in providing adequate health screening to billions of people. An unmet need for comprehensive health screening capabilities unfortunately catalyzed COVID-19’s spread and resulted in millions of avoidable fatalities.

We created the Protect the Most Vulnerable Initiative to meet this need by delivering advanced health screening technology to underprivileged populations globally. We deploy innovative technological resources such as Real Time Voice Analyzer (RTVA) by partnering with healthcare clinics, hospitals, and medical professionals worldwide. This advanced instrument enables early detection of communicable respiratory illnesses, including, but not limited to, COVID-19 and its variants.

RTVA provides 500 free screening tests per month to health clinics, hospitals, and medical professionals in developing countries and economically disadvantaged areas where accessibility and affordability of screening services are often difficult. If you are a representative of a health clinic, a hospital, or are a medical professional in a developing country and would be interested in utilizing our Real Time Voice Analyzer for patient screening procedures

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Real Time Voice Analyzer
The Future of Respiratory Health Monitoring

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