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The Real Time Voice Analyzer (RTVA) is an advanced AI screening app that utilizes voice biomarkers and AI algorithms to detect airborne respiratory viruses, including COVID-19 and its variants and even some strains of influenza and the common cold.

The RTVA is powered by two patent-pending technologies that quickly and accurately identify viruses by the sound of your voice, like a doctor using a stethoscope to detect irregularities in vital organs.

Peace of Mind

Based on scientific research, our screening method has demonstrated up to a 99% negative predictive rate. When the app yields a negative result, no airborne respiratory virus indicators are present.

Protect Your Loved Ones

The RTVA allows you to protect your loved ones by facilitating early detection of contagious respiratory viruses.

Take Control of Your Health

RTVA’s convenient smartphone app allows you to monitor your health anytime, anywhere. This app serves as an early warning system, providing vital health information just like a blood pressure monitoring device. Please note that while these tools are incredibly valuable in alerting users to potential symptoms, they should not be mistaken for diagnostic or treatment instruments.

Environmentally Friendly

No plastic, no shipping, no hazardous waste, just the sound of your voice.

Positive Screening Results

If you receive a positive screening result, it indicates that our AI algorithms have identified an airborne respiratory virus, which is inherently contagious. However, not all respiratory viruses carry the same level of contagion. We highly recommend undergoing either a COVID Rapid test or a PCR Test to determine if the virus in question is specifically the coronavirus, as these COVID viruses are highly contagious. If your rapid or PCR test is positive for COVID, it is essential to take proactive measures such as resting, self-isolating, or seeking guidance from a healthcare professional.

If you receive negative results from either a Rapid or PCR test but continue to experience severe symptoms, consult with a healthcare professional immediately.

If your rapid test comes back negative but your RTVA test comes back positive and you only exhibit minor symptoms, we advise monitoring your health closely. It’s important to note that many new variants of COVID are associated with milder symptoms and may not be detected by Rapid Tests due to their limited effectiveness in identifying these emerging strains. However, these variants can still pose significant risks as they are highly contagious and potentially dangerous to others.

The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the RTVA App are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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