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Utilizing Voice Biomarkers and AI Algorithms to Monitor Respiratory Wellness…

The Real Time Voice Analyzer is the Most Advanced Respiratory Wellness Screening Tool Available

It provides Fast, Accurate, and Non-Invasive monitoring of respiratory wellness. Experience the groundbreaking technology of the Real Time Voice Analyzer.

The Real Time Voice Analyzer is:

Simple & Non-Invasive
Faster Results
Ultimate Accuracy
Anywhere, Anytime

Advanced AI Screening App

The Real Time Voice Analyzer (RTVA) is an advanced AI screening app that utilizes voice biomarkers and AI algorithms to help you monitor your respiratory wellness.

The RTVA is powered by two patent-pending technologies that quickly and accurately identify your respiratory wellness by the sound of your voice, like a doctor using a stethoscope to detect irregularities in vital organs…

Meet Dr. Rita Singh

Dr. Rita Singh, Ph.D., is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of voice analysis research, transforming the landscape of respiratory wellness for over 25 years. As a distinguished professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Singh’s groundbreaking research has been verified by studies at Yale University School of Medicine and M.I.T. Her innovative patent pending technology has been rigorously tested in medical clinics around the world including India and the Philippines. 

Dr. Singh’s resume is a testament to her passion for making a positive impact on global health. Her expertise has earned her an invitation to speak at the prestigious 2019 Global Security Forum, where she shared her invaluable insights on technology security.

Real Time Voice Analyzer Features

Simple & Non-invasive

No more invasive swab poking or painful tests. Our groundbreaking voice analysis technology allows you to monitor your wellness without a single touch.

Faster Results

Time is precious when it comes to your wellness. Get fast and reliable results in just 5-10 minutes.

100% Private

We value your privacy. Your data remains secure, and only you have access to your screening results. 100% HIPAA Compliant, no more concerns about personal data breaches.

Ultimate Accuracy

Scientific results indicate that monitoring respiratory wellness from human vocal folds is more reliable the other screening methods.

Anywhere, Anytime

Convenience is key. Use our simple smartphone app to monitor your wellness wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Read what our satisfied users have to say about their experience with the Real Time Voice Analyzer.
I have had the privilege of seeing the very early stages of the RTVA app and as a physician, I have to say it's one of the most revolutionary wellness screening tools I have seen in my 20+ years career. The easy access to reliable accurate data is just amazing!
Dr. Helson Pacheco, Neurosurgeon - Texas, USA
The Real Time Voice Analyzer App is easy to use and is highly reliable. I am privileged to participate in the launch of this product and support its' use on a national level and its expansion internationally.
Melinda Silva, MD. - California, USA
I would like to give a personal testimony for The Real Time Voice Analyzer. I have witnessed the progression of development since its inception… The application and use of Real Times AI voice analyzer will create a paradigm shift in the field of medicine worldwide. They are setting the Gold Standard in wellness screening technology.
Ted S. Yoho, DVM
Hematico Medical Advisor

Real Time Voice Analyzer
The Future of Respiratory Health Monitoring

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